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Tool 100% Made in Germany: JOKARI wire stripping solutions

The tool market offers an extraordinary number of products. More and more buyers are considering factors such as functionality, durability and quality criteria before buying. One topic is becoming more and more important: Where does the product come from, how was it produced and does the tool manufacturer come from Germany?

100% produced in Germany: This is JOKARI

The entire production process – from product development and production to storage and logistics of the high-quality JOKARI wire stripping tools – has always  taken place 100 percent at the company’s site in Ascheberg-Herbern, Westphalia. In addition, the raw material suppliers are located in Germany as far as possible, or at least in Europe. This ensures a short value chain.

As a German family business, the topic Made in Germany is lived at JOKARI in all areas: It is therefore a matter of course for JOKARI to also be socially committed. The pre-assembly of our products, for example, is supported by workshops with handicapped people from our region.

Made in Germany, sustainability and environmental protection go hand in hand

Short transport routes, sustainable packaging and a high quality standard ensure a positive ecological balance of JOKARI products. The high demands on workmanship and material and the interchangeability of almost all wear parts in JOKARI tools ensure a long service life of the products and minimize waste.

JOKARI is known for producing its high-quality wire stripping products 100% Made in Germany.

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