Solar stripping tool Jokari PV-Strip Pro

Stripping solar cables: the right wire stripping tool

Users who often have to deal with the installation of solar cables have been approaching us more and more recently. They wanted a wire stripping tool that was tailored to the requirements of robust solar cables. It should also deliver precise, safe and reliable wire stripping results with little hand movement. The origin of our solar stripper PV-Strip Pro.

Solar systems have to withstand high loads. Therefore, solar cables have a robust outer sheath. The requirements for the electrical installation material are therefore high and the quality must be right. Many customers have found that wire stripping tools on the market advertised for solar cables do not achieve the results they want.

User feedback as a basis for product development

As is often the case at JOKARI, we collected feedback from our customers and thought about what solution we can develop when it comes to stripping of photovoltaic cables. After a intense research and testing of the solar cables available on the market, we have now designed a unique and professional-oriented wire stripping tool for solar cables – our PV-Strip Pro.

JOKARI managing director Frank J. Goebbels

JOKARI solar stripper PV-Strip Pro

With the handy and easy-to-use solar stripper PV-Strip Pro, solar cables with a cross-section of 1.5-16mm² can be prepared effortlessly and fast for the connection to the corresponding PV connectors. The round insulation cut is extremely precise. The blades are especially designed for solar cables and ensure an easy cut-through of the cable insulation without damaging the inner strands when performing a clean round cut – the perfect preparation for the connection of the connector.

Thought through down to the smallest detail

Thanks to the clear labelling of the four-chamber system, clear assignment and easy handling are guaranteed (1.5mm2/ 2.5mm2/ 4mm2+6mm2/ 10mm2+16mm2). This uniquely wide range of cable cross-sections makes the tool suitable for stripping many other cable types.
On the other end of the tool there is an additional blade for realising a longitudinal cut. Another important change of the Pro version is the new integrated length stop which is adjustable from 5 to 26 mm and is therefore suitable for all solar connectors. The adjustment is realised by a raster that is accurate to the millimetre.

The new solar cable stripper PV-Strip Pro is extremely easy to use.

Cable Stripper vs. Wire Stripper

The PV-Strip Pro is extremely handy and lightweight. Especially in challenging areas of application, such as on a roof or in environments with limited space, the advantages of the cable stripper over a wire stripper are obvious. It fulfils all solar cable processing requirements in just one tool. In addition, the price performance ratio is extremely attractive. It can also keep up well from ergonomic aspects: The shape of the handle of the cable stripper fits comfortably in the hand and enables a very good power transmission to the blade with extremely low manual force. Like all JOKARI tools, it is suitable for right and left-handed users.

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