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How to strip a cable with a cable stripper properly?

One of the most common questions we receive from endusers at trade shows is “What are the best ways to strip cables properly? In this blog article, we will explain to you the JOKARI trick when using a cable stripper. So you can be sure that you are using the cable stripper correctly and getting precise wire stripping results!

Many visitors to our booth worldwide, are electricians. They do many wire and cable stripping projects throughout their day. These electrician’s already know a majority of the JOKARI range, but we always strive to show them unique applications with each of our tools. It is our mission to always show the correct applications of each of our tools as there are special “tricks of the trade” that make separation of outer insulation extremely easy. At JOKARI we call this the “cable stripper principle“.

How to strip a cable properly?

The basic principle and functionality of the JOKARI cable strippers are very simple:
1. Insert the cable into the cable stripper. Apply light pressure to the outer handle sheels and apply a quarter of a turn to the right and one turn to the left. The blades built into the tip of the tool score the insulation sheath of the pipe and do not cut it completely. This eliminates the risk of damage to the inner conductors.
2. The next step is the tip we give to all of the contractors who use JOKARI cable stripper: Open the cable stripper slightly and place the blades about a half centimeter away from the score point going toward the end of the cable. By bending the cable slightly back and forth with the slightly closed handle, the insulation can be easily disconnected and removed. This trick makes the JOKARI cable stripping tools a work-saving and time-saving solution!
Many users remove the sheath directly at the interface. This can lead to damage to the inner strands, and the blades of the stripper dull more quickly.

The correct use of a cable stripper

Video cable stripper principle: When used correctly, the way a stripper works is extremely simple.

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To the author Frank J. Goebbels.