Installation of a solar system

JOKARI on the construction site: Installation of a solar system

Recently, I observed a friend of mine in the installation of a solar system. During such “on-site appointments”, I always get a lot of ideas for the further development of our wire stripping tools. I then discussed it with our product development department. This is how our cable stripper PV-Strip was born.

On the construction site, i.e., directly at the “scene of the action” where our products are used, we can better identify needs for improvement to our products. For example, the visit previously mentioned gave us important information for the further development of cable stripping tools that focus specifically on the processing of solar cables. With insight from our customers, JOKARI has been able to further our product development in this field.

Frank J. Goebbels, CEO JOKARI

New connector systems in PV installations established in the market

Anyone who installs photovoltaic systems for long-term, safe and efficient operations consistently has to avoid errors while dealing with these systems and modules. Unfortunately, this area of connection technology in particular, is difficult to work on.
If you are using improper tools during installation, you can create additional problems which in turn leads to more work and higher costs.  In order to simplify the work for the installers, numerous manufacturers are developing new connector systems for the solar modules and inverters. Today, the widely accepted “MC4” plug can be found on many solar modules, which must be crimped for contacting, as the electrician from Schmitz Haustechnik has implemented.

In order to attach the PV connector precisely, the PV installer used a JOKARI cable stripper and crimping pliers.

For the plugs on the low-voltage side used on the inverter, a new generation of plug systems is now increasingly being used. In these cases, only the solar cable has to be stripped, and the contact is made using spring technology. Both connector systems require different stripping lengths, usually 8.5 or 15 mm. For the PV installer, this makes work much easier.

Numerous users have expressed the wish for an adequate cable stripping tool that is designed for the most common connector types would make the work of installing solar systems much easier. We have taken this as an opportunity to further develop our SE-Strip series.

New cable stripper PV-Strip from JOKARI tailored to new PV cables

With the new cable stripper PV-Strip, we have developed an extremely easy-to-use tool for quick and easy stripping of solar cables. This further development was important because in recent years the power and solar cables have been developed in many respects. So they are difficult to strip with conventional tools.

Thanks to the integrated length stop of 8.5 or 15 mm, the new PV Strip is precisely aligned with the most common PV plugs. This enables a comfortable and safe working process. Solar cables with a conductor cross-section of 2.5-6mm2 can be prepared effortlessly and quickly for connections to corresponding PV connectors.

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